June 30,2023
HGC announces $32m new multifamily project in Dallas with Floridays Development.

HGC announces its new investment of $32 million in the Surfside project in Dallas, Texas together with Floridays Development. The Surfside project will be developed to a 317 units, 5 stories, multifamily project. Total project capitalization is approximately $80M.

  April 28,2023
Sponsorship to The Asia Private Wealth Forum In Singapore In April 2023

HGC Group sponsored the 4th Annual Private Wealth Forum in Singapore on April 19, 2023 to showcase their expertise in real estate investments. HGC Senior Vice President Ryan Berschneider talked about the US multifamily apartment sector at a panel discussion at the event.

  March 29,2023
HGC closed 12.7-acre land in Austin with Greystar for 300 units multi-family development.

HGC has long focused on the US real estate market, particularly in Texas. After lots of project sourcing and extensive due diligence, in March 2023, HGC and Greystar, the largest developer in the US, closed a 12.7-acre parcel of land called Big Valley in south of Austin.


What We Do

HGC is a leading investment management company investing capital on behalf of private HNW and
family office investors. Our mission is to create long term capital gain for our investors as well as
providing capital to enable development that contributes to a better tomorrow.

Real Estate
Private Equity

“ We see interesting opportunities every day.  
But only the best will get through our rigorous scrutiny
and become part of our portfolio. ”

Henry Zou   |   Chairman of Henry Group

With over 20 years investment history, HGC has accumulated deep experience and built up
significant market knowledge and reputation to enable it to access to full range
of investment opportunities with top notch partners.

Having successfully navigated investments over multiple investment cycles, our team has the depth and expertise to quantify and manage downside risks and generate attractive returns
for our investors in any environment.

Edward Vydra, Managing Director

HGC Real Estate Advisory Group, Inc

Boston, United States

Our principal investment capability and our EB5
resources enabled us advantaged access to
investment opportunities with exceptional return. Our flexible capital structure also made
us the preferred LP for many investment situations.

Zackary Zou, CEO

HGC Investment Management

Beijing I Hong Kong

Delivering good results for our investors requires the support of experienced and reliable local partners.  HGC's reputation and track record in the market enable us to partner with leading developers and operators in all our investments, giving our asset management team greater peace of mind.

Ryan Berschneider, Senior Vice Preseident

HGC Real Estate Advisory Group Inc.

Los Angeles, United States