Our Private Equity Investments

We aim to produce superior returns for our investors through every phase
of the investment process — from sourcing, due diligence, operational
value creation, to achieving the optimal exit.

HGC’s private equity strategy seeks to invest in the
high quality leaders in carefully selected growth
industries, and then to contribute our network and
resources to help grow those businesses. We generally
invest between $5 million and $50 million per
transaction in companies with enterprise values
typically above $50 million.

HGC does not aim to be a leader by size but to produce great result through careful allocation of our capital
to strong companies with highest potential of success. To ensure that we do not over spread our
resources we aim to develop in depth knowledge and experience
across several core industry sectors.


We seek to maximize the overall project return by providing capital when
other funding is unavailable or where our expertise and scale enable
uniquely flexible capital solutions.

Pre-IPO Opportunities
Growth Capital