HGC Investment Management Group

“ Transparency and integrity are the pillars of a successful investment
management company ”

Dick Kwan  |  Vice Chairman

A Unique Player

HGC is a leading alternative investment manager with
significant exposure in real estate and private equity
sectors that focuses in the two strongest economies in
the world. We seek to provide flexible capital to support
businesses in our target sectors. We invest with
partners that have proven track records to deliver
consistent and attractive investment returns throughout
market cycles.

Our Mission

To deliver superior value to our inverstors by forming collaborative
partnerships that produce operational
               excellence and innovation.

HGC Market Niche

Proprietary Capital

Proprietary capital enables quick capital deployment.
Also allows us to take up early risks in any project
creating a safer environment for our investors.

Flexible Capital Structure

Other than equity and debt capital, HGC is able to
arrange for EB5 new and redeployment capital at
competitive rates as alternative financing options.

Track Records

Established track record in EB-5 financing and
multiple equity investments has translated into
long-term relationships with top U.S. developers and

US Presence

Affiliated company offices in Boston and Los Angeles
and with investment professionals covering multiple
locations across America.

Our Guiding Principles
  • Put the interests of investors first in everything we do
  • Care about downside before gains
  • Take a conservative approach to investment projections
  • Act with the highest level of integrity in every action we take
  • Be transparent in all situations to our investors
  • Good investment opportunity must come with a good
    operating partner or principal
Our Strength

HGC's investments across the US has
accummulated significant experience.
The reputation and network we built up in
the market enabled further expansion of
our businesses and access to good
opportunities with leading operators. Our
investor network comprises outrstanding
business owners from wide industrial
sectors. They do not just invest with us
but also bring opportunities that create
synergy for all.

Our Presence

We have local presence in the locations where we have businesses.  Other than our offices
we have affiliates represented in all other locations covering major strategic locations.