Our Investments in People

Strategic Partnerships

HGC’s principal investment program
started with investments in 3 fund
management groups to broaden HGC’s
access to the sector and to generate
co-investment opportunities.

HGC’s strategy targets professionals with excellent track
records and significant industry resources. We support the
development of outstanding principals with capital commitments
of US$20 -100 million not just for long term capital gain but also
for synergy and for generation of strategic value.

HGC continues to look for outstanding principals in both private equity
and real estate fields to help extend our market reach and to
strengthen our ability tobring excellent results.

Our Partners
01   Translink

Founded in 2007, TransLink manages 8 funds and
invests in more than 100 startups worldwide with
main members of the team coming from
international and multi-industry backgrounds

With offices and local teams in Silicon Valley,
Beijing, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo, TransLink
manages local funds by perfectly combining both
globalization and localization

Translink focus on TMT, especially equity
investment in high-tech industries, TransLink make
investments in companies located across

United States, China, Korea, Japan, Europe and
Southeast Asia

Translink keeps close collaboration with
international top tier strategic investors and
partners has formed unique resources and
advantages for cross-regional cooperation in the
high-tech field

HGC and Translink established the first wholly
foreign owned high technology fund in China under
the QFLP regime to focus on six technology sectors in semi-conductor, cloud computing, artificial
intelligence, robotic, autopilot, and new energy.

02   Seas Capital

Seas Capital is a new generation of venture capital
focusing on structural innovation opportunities.
Driven by data analysis and value-based
management, Seas Capital aims to empower its
portfolio companies via insights and systematic

Seas Capital invests in early- and growth-stage
startups worldwide. It focused on investing in emerging leaders creating the next generation of
enterprise solutions for Chinese businesses. Seas
will also invest in new consumer trends and
overseas markets on a selective basis.

Seas Capital seeks to take the lead investor role
and board seat with an active hands-on approach.

HGC and Seas are strategic co-investment
partners.HGC has invested in Seas funds and
co-invested in a number of Seas portfolio

03   Yeru Financial

Yeru Financial Holding is a financial sub-group wholly-owned by Huayu Group, a top 50 developer in China. Founded in 2014, Yeru Financial Holding covers domestic and foreign equity investment, real estate funds and supply chain financial services. It has asset under management in excess of Rmb 17 billion. It has always been focused on and developed into a leading private comprehensive financial company in the western region, and has provided financial services for more than 30,000 small and medium-sized enterprises for over 10 billion yuan.

Invested and managed 30 domestic and foreign private equity funds, and invested in more than 100 projects.

HGC partnered with Yeru on it Tianjian City Redevelopment Fund to target redevelopment opportunities within major cities in China with a focus in Chengdu.