Terms and Conditions

The HGC website (hereinafter referred to as "this website") protects customer privacy statement, which is a commitment of this website to protect customer personal privacy. Protecting customer privacy and security is a fundamental policy of this website. This website guarantees not to disclose or provide customer information or non-public content stored on this website when using online services. Due to the characteristics of the Internet network, this website may directly or indirectly interact with you. We hereby explain the collection, use, and protection policies adopted by this website for customer personal information. Please read them carefully.

1、 Collection Information
When you browse, read, or download information from this website, the website will automatically collect and sort your information (internet domain name, type of browser and operating system used by customers, access time, access page), and this information will not be used to determine your identity.

2、 Personal information
When you register for membership through services such as booking and online consultation on this website, we will collect relevant information that can identify your personal identity, such as your name, phone number, address, email address, health status, disease history, etc. At the same time, member management also needs to record your specific information, such as name, phone number, home address, medical examination items, medical examination results, health status, etc. Without your consent and confirmation, except as permitted by national laws, local regulations, and government regulations, this website guarantees that it will not provide this personal information to any private company and will only use it together with relevant government departments as needed.

3、 Information security
1. We will only use your information in accordance with this privacy protection clause and any data protection instructions that have been provided to you. Except in the following cases:
(a) Obtain clear authorization from the customer in advance;
(b) According to relevant laws and regulations;
(c) According to the requirements of relevant government authorities;
2. This website may cooperate with a third party to provide relevant services to customers. In this case, if the third party agrees to assume the same responsibility for protecting customer privacy as this website, this website may provide the customer's registration information and other information to the third party; (This article is suspected of leaking customer privacy without the customer's permission, which may lead to infringement disputes. It is recommended to delete it or change it to: Our company cooperates with a third party to provide relevant services to customers. If our website provides customers' registration information and other information to the third party, our website must obtain the customer's consent in advance. In this case, our website will agree on a confidentiality agreement for customer privacy with the third party to ensure that customer privacy is not disclosed to the public.)
3. Without disclosing individual customer privacy information, this website has the right to analyze the entire customer database and make commercial use of the user database.

4、 Information Protection
In order to protect the confidentiality of your personal information, we store it on a server with a password and firewall protection, and adopt security technologies and procedures to ensure the security of your personal information.

Your personal health information and sensitive information such as your account are encrypted and protected during transmission.
Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files sent to your web browser and stored on your computer's hard drive, sometimes generated and transferred to your hard drive when you first register on the website. They will be used in the future to identify your computer and allow you to access the website repeatedly without logging in each time. Cookies are only used to speed up your access to this website and the information you need. Most web browsers accept cookies, and you can usually change the browser's settings to prevent the transfer of cookies. However, it should be noted that if you change the settings in this way, you may lose the use of some functions.